Hunting Grounds - The Isle

Server Info


  • General Rules, Carnivore Rules, and Herbivore Rules apply.
Server Name Hunting Grounds - Survival V3
Server Start Date September 20, 2019
Restart Time 5am CST
Player Cap 100
Map V3
Connection Info
  • If you have difficulty finding or connecting to the HG Isle game server, first, in the server browser, uncheck all boxes (hide outdated, hide full, etc). Then set max results to 150 and refresh. If after refreshing, it still takes an unreasonable amount of time, try 2000, then 5000. Please note, you have to refresh for the new parameters to save. If this doesn't work, try the steps below.
    1. Close your The Isle application
    2. Click or paste this link into your browser
    3. Alternatively, you can paste this steam:connect code into your browser: steam://connect/
    Your game should open up directly into the HG Isle server after loading if a slot is open, if it does not, close or restart your steam then try again.

Justice System

Please read and familiarize yourself with the rules. It is your responsibility to know, understand, and follow them. If you have any questions about these rules, ask in our Discord (linked in the Footer). Rules may be added or changed. An announcement will be made in our Discord, and new/changed rules will go in effect 24 hours after the announcement.

  • All rules have a minimum and maximum consequence displayed. Example: "Do not discriminate, harass, or bully (1-5)" means that breaking the rule will incur anywhere from 1 to 5 strikes from a single incident, depending on the severity of the case. If there's a 0, that means you may only receive a verbal warning and no strikes.
  • If a rule was broken on ACCIDENT, and the admins can verify that it was indeed an accident, you will NOT receive any strikes.
1 Strike - Warning.
2 Strikes - Warning, and your dino will be slain.
3 Strikes - Your dino will be slain, and you will be banned for a period of 12 hours. Any Dino requests will be denied until you go down to 2 strikes.
4 Strikes - Your dino will be slain, any Dino Tokens will be forfeit, 48 hour ban.
5 Strikes - Your dino will be slain, one week ban. Any rule break whatsoever while on 5 strikes will result in a permanent ban.
    • 1 strike will be removed every 7 days, as long as you do not receive any new strikes.
    • At 3 or more strikes, 1 strike will be removed after 2 weeks, as long as you don't receive any new strikes.
    • At 5 strikes, 1 strike will be removed after 1 month after the 5th strike was received.
    • At 5 strikes, any rule break whatsoever will result in a permanent ban.
    • Perma-bans are appealable, and will be reviewed by at least 3 management-level admins.


    General Rules

    •  Be Respectful to everyone. Show the same level of respect to players as you would show the admins. (0-1)
    • Keep cursing to a minimum. Do not spam the chat with multiple short messages. Do not use CAPS. (0-1)
    • Your Steam Name must not contain any inappropriate/derogatory terms or hard curse words. If you do, you will be asked to change your Steam Name. Failure to comply will result in a kick, if the issue persists you may be temporarily banned. (0-1)
    • Do not discriminate, harass, or bully. (1-5)
    • No suicidal, genocidal, or sexual content. Do not promote the use of drugs or alcohol. (1-3)
    • Do not promote other serversIf anyone is promoting other servers to you, please contact a mod. (1-5)
    • Do not argue in global chat. If a rule break occurs, take it to the discord, private messages, and/or file a report. (0-1)
    • Do not give out other player's locations (directly or indirectly). You may give out your own location. (0-1)
    • Do not avoid dying to other players by jumping off cliffs, drowning, taking nest invites, etc. (1)
    • Do not abuse bugs or glitches. This includes exploiting terrain (no hiding inside rocks, under water, etc). (1)
    • Use of mods and "glitched" skins is not allowed. The first time you are caught with mods or glitched skins, you will be asked to change it, and will be regrown and TP'd back to where you were. If you continue to use mods or glitched skins after a warning, that may result in strikes and Dino slays. (0-1)
    • Code manipulation that affects the stats of the Dinosaurs (such as speed hacks, grow hacks, damage hacks, etc) will result in an immediate ban, with an option to appeal by contacting a Management member. (ban)
    • Do not send random nest invites. (1)
    • Do not create nests to dump food in them to get rid of a body. (1)
    • Do not attack nests. Even unowned ones. The only nest you are permitted to destroy is your own. (0-1)
    • Do not use alternate accounts to scout or revenge kill. (1-2)
    • Do not repeatedly target a specific person/group. (1-2)
    • Do not spawn kill (only if logging in or teleported. Fresh beach spawns not protected). If a player appears in your vicinity , allow them to leave your line of sight, and vise versa. (1)
    • Do not ask for growths or TP's from admins. Admins will not grow you unless you died to a rulebreak. (0-1)
    • Do not combat log. If you are in combat, or being hunted, you are not allowed to log, UNLESS you are not bleeding and manage to hide away from your opponent. If you are not in any combat whatsoever, you may log out with bleed. (0-1)
    • With regards to our rules, the words ‘body’ and ‘gore’ are synonymous and refer to any player corpse, or bones/meat model that is generated after eating a player corpse. The corpses and meat generated by player AI are exempt from this distinction and do not count.


    Water Rules

    • Do not bite/fight/kill in water, do not die in water. (Do not drown yourself in water. Ask for a slay from admins). (0-2)
    • Do not run into water while bleeding. Do not use water as protection (hiding in water, or swimming across rivers and lakes in order to escape from someone hunting you at the time). (0-2)
    • Suchos, Barys, and Austros are allowed to sit in water, but their heads must be above water. They cannot return to water if they have contested a body, claimed a body, are bleeding, have been bitten, or have bitten someone else. (0-2)
    • Once you are in combat/hunt/contest, you cannot go into water, regardless of how shallow it is. The ONLY exception is small streams that do not require swimming. (0-2)
    • Do not water guard. Carnivores are allowed to hunt by water, but if you aren't hunting, you cannot deny other dinos access to water. If you have a nest near a water source, you must still allow other dinos to pass by to get water. (0-1)
    • Exclusion to water rules: You can cross GF river if you need to, even during a fight, but if you are abusing this exclusion, it will be considered a rulebreak.
      Examples of abuse:
      Staying in the river. Repeatedly going in and out of water. Using the deep part of the river where dinos swim.


    Carnivore Rules

    • Do not kill if you won’t be able to eat the body (In water, on a cliff or structure). (1-2)
    • When you claim a body (by killing the dino, winning a body contest, or eating from a body), you must stay near the body, until it is inedible or despawns. If you need water, or wish to deposit food in your nest, you may travel to do so, but you cannot hunt on the way, and must return to the body immediately afterwards. If the water source/your nest is more than 2 rex lengths away from your body, you forfeit body protection and may only regain it if you return and are not being hunted. (0-1)
    • A pack may claim only 1 body at a time. (0-1)
    • You may only kill 1 target during a hunt, and cannot kill anymore until the body is eaten/disappears. (1-3)
    • If you are hunting and a packmate dies, you may continue hunting. If you eat from the fallen packmate, you have claimed that body and cannot hunt again until the body disappears. (0-1)
    • Do not kill packmates. You must first remove a packmate from the in-game group, then allow them 2 minutes to leave the area or safelog. If they still refuse to leave after 2 minutes, you may kill them. (0-1)
    • Do not target and kill hatchlings. Any non-survival juvi that is smaller than an Ava is considered a hatchling. Hatchling bodies are not claimable and do not give body protection. They are to be treated the same as AI bodies. (0-1)
    • You may kill juvies on the beach, but only if you are passing through. Do not camp the beaches to kill juvies. (0-2)
    • Do not interfere in an active hunt/contest that doesn't involve your pack. (0-2)
    • Do not mix-pack. If you aren't in combat with other carnivore/herbivore species, then you must stay away. You may come close to other species if you are getting water. Once you have filled up on water, you must walk away from the vicinity of any other packs/species. (0-1)
    • Pue bodies/gore is considered community food. There cannot be any fighting in rendering distance of the Pue body/gore. It is to be shared. If you wish to hunt, you must move out of rendering distance of the Pue body/gore. (0-1)
    • Velociraptors and Austroraptors are scavengers and, as such, can not claim bodies and do not have hunt protection. Scavengers may eat from any claimed or unclaimed body without contesting or claiming. It is up to the current owners of the body as to whether or not they allow the scavenger to eat, drive it away, or kill it.
    • Scavengers must maintain at least a 5 rex length distance from the dinosaurs they are scavenging from, and may only come close when they are eating from a body. After they have eaten, they must move away to at least 5 rex lengths. (0-1)
    • Scavengers may not aid, or be aided by any other dinosaur. Scavengers may not scout for other dinosaurs. Other dinosaurs may not protect scavengers. All of this would be considered mix-packing. (0-1)


    Body Contest Rules

    • AI bodies and AI gore don't count as bodies, even if those bodies come from player AI. AI are: Ava, Oro, Taco, Velo.
    • You must 3 call to challenge/contest a body, and you must allow 15 seconds for a reply before you are allowed to attack. If they 3 call back, they accept the challenge and you may attack. If they 4 call, they are giving up the body, and you must allow them to leave. If after 15 seconds there is no reply, then it is the same as if they accepted the challenge. (0-1)
    • If you have been challenged for a body, you may 3-call to accept the contest, or you may use up to 15 seconds to leave the area and then 4-call to signify that you are giving up the body. The challenging dinosaur may not move to follow you, attack you, or eat from your body until you have either made a call in response, or 15 seconds have elapsed. (0-1)
    • If a player surrenders the contested body but is bleeding, you must allow them time to heal off the bleed so they can move away from the body without dying. (0-1)
    • If you 4 call when challenged, you give up the body and cannot return to re-contest the same body again. (0-1) (0-1)
    • If both parties accepted the contest, 4-call no longer protects nor stops combat. You've agreed to the fight, and you can be killed now. (0)
    • If both parties accepted the body contest, they can fight until another body drops. If another body drops, and there are now 2 bodies, the pack that killed the 2nd body are declared victors, and they choose which body they wish to claim. The losers of the contest will claim the other body. (0-1)
    • A pack may only claim 1 body at a time. You cannot hunt or contest a body if you already have a body that you claimed. (0-1)
    • If you are within 10 seconds run time distance of a body, and it despawns, you cannot attack the owner of the body, and must allow them to exit your line of sight. (To prevent body camping)


    Herbivore Rules

    • Herbivores have a right to claim feeding and/or nesting grounds, and can contest or defend those grounds from other herds or from carnivores. (This only applies to major landmarks).
    • Only one herd is permitted to nest at any given landmark. (Big Twin, Little Twin, Trike Hill, etc.) Great Falls and Lune’s Deep are to be considered two different landmarks. If there is not a landmark in the vicinity of a herd’s nesting site, no other herbivores are permitted to nest within line of sight of that nesting site. (0-1)
    • Herbivores must 3 call to contest, or to accept a contest, for major feeding/nesting grounds. (0-1)
    • Herbivores must 4 call to give up major feeding/nesting grounds (applies only if they are being contested by other herbivore herd). (0-1)
    • During a contest between 2 herbi herds, if an adult, or close to full adult dino dies (small juvies or subs don't count), the fighting must stop, and the pack that the now-dead member belonged to must forfeit the grounds, as they have lost the challenge. (0-2)
    • If both parties accepted the contest, 4-call no longer protects nor stops combat. You've agreed to the fight, and you can be killed now. (0)
    • If you lost the challenge for the grounds by 4-calling or losing a member, you may not return to challenge for the grounds again for a period of 1 hour. (0-1)
    • Herbivores do not have to allow unknown herbivores into their pack. You may repeatedly 3-call/mock-hit strangers away, and give them plenty of time to leave. If they refuse and attempt to pack with you despite you not wanting them, you may chase them away. If they run away and 4 call, you cannot chase them down to the ends of earth just to kill them. You can only chase the unknown herbivore for 15 seconds until you must return to your herd. However if they still refuse to leave, you may kill them. (0-2)
    • Pues are allowed on this server, but are not allowed to participate in herbi VS herbi contest. Pues are not allowed to attack anyone unless to kill someone who bit them first. If you are found attacking someone without a self-defense reason, your Pue will be slain. (0-3)


    Herbivore vs. Carnivore Rules

    • Herbivores may not approach carnivores, except when migrating and there is no way around the carnivores, or to get to a water source. (0-1)
    • Herbivores cannot attack carnivores, except when provoked (if carnivores 3 call, approach too close, crouch at, or bite at the herbivores). (0-2)
    • Herbivores can claim, and contest other herds for feeding/nesting grounds while carnivores are in the area, but only when herbivores are not in combat with carnivores. Herbivores cannot put down a nest then attack carnivores and claim nest defense. (1)
    • Herbivores may defend their nests and herd, but cannot chase carnivores for more than 15 seconds AWAY from their nest/herd. If the carnivore is just running in circles around your herd/nest, and not away, then you can chase them as long as you want to. (0-2)
    • Herbivores cannot water guard or body guard. If the carnivores are trying to drink, or eat from a fallen body, you must allow them. (0-1)
    • If you are a solo herbivore, and were attacked by carnivores, then you can choose to chase them for as long as you want to. (0)
    • Herbivores cannot kill AI. Unless it is an aggressive Velo (0-1)


    Carnivore Pack Limits

    • Pack limits must be followed at all times. If you find that you are overpacking, you must separate immediately. (0-1) (Juvies do not count towards pack limits, you can have as many juvies as you want)
    • 2 subs count as 1 adult
    • "Small Adults" are Adults under 75%

    Spinosaurus (2 Adults + 2 Small Adults)
    T.Rex (2 Adults + 2 Sub-Adults)
    Giganotosaurus (2 Adults + 2 Sub-Adults)
    Acrocanthosaurus (4 Adults)
    Albertosaurus (6 Adults)
    Allosaurus (6 Adults)
    Suchomimus (6 Adults)
    Carnotaurus (8 Adults)
    Ceratosaurus (8 Adults)
    Utahraptor (15 Adults)
    Dilophosaurus (15 Adults)
    Baryoynx (15 Adults)
    Herrerasaurus (Unlimited)
    Austroraptors (Unlimited)
    Velociraptor (Unlimited)


    Herbivore Herd Limits

    • Maximum herd - 20 adult members of different species, but make sure you do not break each species' mixed herd limit. (Juvies and small subs do not count towards herd limits.)
    • 2 large subs count as 1 adult
    • "Small Adults" are Adults under 75%
    Puertasaurus (2 if alone, NONE in a mixed herd)
    Camarasaurus (2 if alone, 1 if in a mixed herd)
    Shantungosaurus (2 Adults + 2 Small Adults if alone, 1 Adult + 1 Small Adult if in a mixed herd)
    Triceratops (3 if alone, 2 if in a mixed herd)
    ⤷ Large sub = 0.9 or above
    Therizinosaurus (4 if alone, 2 if in a mixed herd)
    Stegosaurus (5 if alone, 3 if in a mixed herd)
    Ankylosaurus (6 if alone, 4 if in a mixed herd)
    Parasaurolophus (7 if alone, 5 if in a mixed herd)
    Diabloceratops (6 if alone, 4 if in a mixed herd)
    Maiasaura (8 if alone, 6 if in a mixed herd)
    Gallimimus (20 if alone, 10 in a mixed herd)
    Pachycephalosaurus (15 if alone, 8 in a mixed herd)
    Dryosaurus (Unlimited if alone, 19 in a mixed herd)
    Avaceratops (Unlimited)
    Orodromeus (Unlimited)
    Psittacosaurus (Unlimited)