Artist Acknowledgments

Being some of the best dinosaur artists we've ever seen, we want to show our appreciation to each and every one of you! You're all amazing and do amazing work, and Sticky Utah, as well as the full Hunting Grounds staff team and Community, are so grateful for the effort you've put in to competitions and contests and allowing us to use your art! 

From all of us here in the Hunting Grounds, Thank You!



Arzin.exe / Arzin Phoenix

Arzin is a hobbyist digital artist who spends her free time drawing dragons and playing dinosaur games. She is going to animation college and hopes to make a career out of it in the future. Dinosaurs and dragons have been a passion of hers for many years, and are her favourite way to express herself through art and games. 


BlackWing24 / Linda

My name is Linda but I go by the name BlackWing24. I’m from Sweden, I’m a self-taught artist and made a lot of friends to grow together with. I love to help out and support others. I’m currently a hobby freelancer and hope to turn my art into a full time job further down the line. I love fantasy like dragons and monsters so naturally dinosaurs fell in as well. I love playing Herbies on Hunting Grounds. 
If you are interested in seeing my work I post most of it here:  



CaptainDanno is a simple girl who likes to draw, in fact it is her passion. She is not professional but has learned by herself over time, and likes to share her passion as a way for her to say thank you and show her appreciation. 


dibarrie / Diane 

Diane is currently a student at East Central University on a cross country scholarship where she's working on her degree in Graphic Design and currently works as the football team's only graphic designer, producing work that they use on social media. She is expecting to graduate in 2022, and hopes to pursue a career in graphic design working for Nike, Apple, Samsung, or a professional sports team. Diane is a huge geek of dinosaurs that she never grew out of since she was a child. She always wants to make everyone in a good mood by making them laugh. 



Fuhai is a 2D animator with a particular interest in creatures and monsters from all genres. When not animating or designing creatures, they are most likely to be found playing video games or watching dinosaurs (birding).
@Fuhai8000 on Twitter & Instagram



Mg_Wolf is a Digital Animation student at Limerick Institute of Technology and is expected to graduate in 2020. Besides art and animation, she enjoys video games like The Isle, Ark, and League of Legends. She also likes nature and the outdoors. Mg_Wolf particularly enjoys creating and animating animal characters and creature designs. 



Nidra is a digital artist who is attending school for 3D modeling and animation. She enjoys spending her time drawing character designs, concept art, and playing games with her friends. 


Sad||Rain / Rinko

Rin is an artist who does freelance art in their free time. Rin takes pleasure in collaborations on interesting projects on a variety of topics, especially people and dinosaurs. She graduated from art school and is excited to continue gaining experience. She is still a greenhorn, but is rapidly growing in her skills.   




ShiroTheDragon works as a professional artist and mainly enjoys drawing dragons and dinosaurs.